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Hire Staff from Australia and New Zealand

ICEO New Zealand and Australia 12-Month Student Work and Travel Pilot Program will not only enrich your current team with qualified, motivated, and dependable participants from Australia or New Zealand, but will also allow you to explore cultural exchange aspects of our programs. The program participants are either university and college students or recent graduates who spend 12 months exploring the United States.

ICEO greatly values participation of U.S. host companies in our programs. Our services are free of charge to U.S. host companies and include dedicated support through every step of the placement and hosting process.

How it Works

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Step 1

U.S. host company contacts ICEO to offer employment opportunities for ICEO Participants from Australia or New Zealand.

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Step 2

ICEO distributes the employment offers among its current or future Participants from Australia and New Zealand.

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Step 3

Host company interviews pre-selected candidates. Variety of interview options are available.

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Step 4

Host company makes the final selection of the candidates.

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Step 5

ICEO arranges administrative details.

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Step 6

Host company welcomes ICEO Participants to their team.

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Step 7

ICEO provides ongoing support during the entire program.


If you are currently hosting ICEO Program participants and have questions, concerns or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact ICEO.