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USA Summer Work/Travel Program

ICEO USA Summer Work/Travel Program uses educational and cultural exchanges to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of foreign countries. In particular, the purpose of this program is to provide foreign college and university students with opportunities to interact with U.S. citizens, experience U.S. culture while sharing their own culture with Americans they meet, travel the U.S., and work in jobs that require minimal training and are seasonal or temporary, in order to fund a portion of participant’s travel expenses. Participants can take part in this program during their official summer school break. The program duration is up to 4 months.

Why Participate

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Experience American Culture

By visiting historic sites and participating in local events, not only will participants get to experience new activities, they will also see how American people interact and experience American culture.

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American Workplace Immersion

Participants will be exposed to various interactions with their American colleagues and customers during the employment component of the program. This is a great opportunity to see and experience American lifestyle and culture in the workplace.

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Planned Cultural Activities

ICEO plans and arranges multiple cultural activities for program participants. These events include guided sightseeing tours, local activities, and community involvement.

Program Requirements

Basic Requirements

Potential program participants must be over 18 years of age; have sufficient English language skills to successfully function on a day-to-day basis in their work environment; complete the program application, administrative steps, and interview process; provide documented proof of the ability to bring sufficient funds with them to the United States; and demonstrate intention to participate in cultural aspects of the Summer Work / Travel Program.

Academic Requirements

At the time of the application, potential program participants, including final year students, must be enrolled full-time and pursuing studies at accredited post-secondary, classroom-based, academic institutions physically located outside of the United States and have successfully completed at least one semester, or equivalent, of post-secondary academic study.

Program Fees & Costs

Participants in ICEO Program pay reasonable program fees that cover ICEO extensive services and applicable health and travel insurance for Participants. For information on specific fee amounts and what they cover, please contact ICEO International Representative in your home country.

The detailed information regarding costs associated with ICEO Program participation is included in the Program Participant Handbook. The costs include housing, transportation, food, entertainment, and cultural activities.

What to Expect


Program participants are authorized to participate in the program for up to four months during their long break between academic years.


Participants encounter numerous forms and documents during their program. Here are some of the most important ones: Passport, J-1 Visa, DS-2019 Form, ICEO Employment Confirmation Letter, I-94, Insurance ID Card, Social Security Card, and Program Participant Handbook.


All participants of ICEO program are required to have health insurance for the duration of their program. Most participants will receive health insurance as part of their ICEO program package.

Travel to the U.S.

Participants traveling to the United States are expected to have a round trip plane ticket. Participants can either purchase their tickets independently or use assistance of ICEO International Representatives who processed their program application. Program Participant’s Handbook has a lot of useful tips and information to help Participants get ready for their travel to Unites States.


Most ICEO Program participants must have employment approved by ICEO prior to applying for their J-1 visa. Program participants may only work at ICEO approved host companies and in ICEO approved employment positions. If participants decide on a new host company, change host company, or seek additional employment, participants must wait to begin working until the new host company and employment position are approved by ICEO.

American Culture

Exploring American Culture is an important part of the program and should be embraced by all participants. Participants are expected to balance their time in the U.S. between cultural activities and work experiences.

Housing and Transportation

Once participants confirm their travel plans to the United States, the next step is finding a place to live. If the host company does not arrange housing, participants are responsible for finding their own housing that is affordable, comfortable, safe, and close to their work site. Participants are also responsible for all the costs associated with renting their accommodation.

There is a variety of public transportation options available for daily commute in the United States. The actual options depend on participants’ program locations and may include Bus, Subway, Tram System, Taxis, ride-sharing services, or bicycling.

Local Community

Participants spend their program in various local communities in the United States. ICEO encourages participants to get to know their local community and their members. Getting involved in the life of the local community is an extremely rewarding and often life changing experience, and important part of ICEO Programs.

Participant Experiences

So far I love it so much! The people are amazing, the nature and surroundings are beautiful, the employers and co-workers are great too. Can’t wait for new adventures.

I have made a lot of friends. We are usually going for a run or just going to the beach to swim.

The most recent and fantastic experience was traveling to Boston and Niagara Falls.

I have a very good relationship with American co-workers, even after work on Sunday we are gathering to play basketball. Also, they are very friendly keep smiling and all the time willing to help me.

During the time I have been working I met a lot of people. In my opinion I have been learning a lot of things about the culture and the language.