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ICEO continuously strives to identify respectable and reliable partners for our cultural exchange programs. We greatly value participation of both domestic and overseas partners in our programs and their efforts to recruit, host and provide other valuable services to our program participants. We could not do it without you!


ICEO offers employers (host companies) the unique opportunity to diversify staff and team members, benefit from international talent, and spark cultural exchange in the workplace by welcoming college students, recent college graduates, and young professionals into your business. You can benefit from opening your doors to exchange visitors no matter the industry.

International Representatives

ICEO works with International Representatives in more than 20 countries. They play an essential role in delivering outstanding customer service and experience to ICEO Programs’ candidates and participants.

ICEO International Representatives are vetted annually as required by Exchange Visitor Program Regulations.

ICEO International Representatives recruit and prescreen candidates, assist with the application and administrative processes, and pre-departure preparations.

ICEO also works with organizations to help organize our Outbound Program for U.S. Residents.

Please contact ICEO if you would like to be considered as ICEO International Representative.

Local US Partners

Local US partners such as landlords, transportation operators, local community leaders, or providers of cultural activities are vital to the success of ICEO Programs. As a local US partner, you are the connection between exchange participants, the local communities, host companies and ICEO in order to keep programs running safely and smoothly.

Business Inquiries And Proposals

Have an idea for how your business could partner with ICEO? Want to submit a proposal? We’re looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can build a mutually beneficial partnership.