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Outbound Program

The Outbound Program uses educational and cultural exchanges to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of foreign countries. In particular, the purpose of this program is to provide American college and university students, recent graduates, and young professionals with opportunities to travel overseas to interact with foreign nationals and experience foreign culture and values while sharing their own American culture and values. In addition, Outbound Program participants are involved in one or more professional activities which include volunteering, teaching English language, seasonal employment, or career training and internships.

Why Participate

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Experience New Cultures

By visiting local historic sites and participating in local events, not only will participants get to experience new activities, they will also see how people interact and be a part of the overseas culture they have chosen to experience.

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International Workplace Immersion

Participants will be exposed to various interactions with their overseas colleagues and customers during the employment component of the program. This is a great opportunity to see and experience a new lifestyle and culture in the workplace.

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Your Choice of Destination

The Outbound program offers access to numerous overseas destinations. In the previous years, ICEO Participants traveled to Poland, Brazil, and Thailand.

Program Information

Basic Requirements

Potential program participants must be over 18 years of age; demonstrate intention to share American culture and values overseas; complete the program application, administrative steps, and interview process; and provide documented proof of the ability to bring sufficient funds with them overseas.

Academic Requirement

The Outbound Program is directed to college and university students or recent graduates. The actual academic requirements depend on the travel destination and selected program options.


The Outbound Program lasts anywhere from three weeks to three months. Longer program duration may be available in selected overseas destinations.

Program Fees & Costs

Participants in ICEO Program pay reasonable program fees that cover ICEO extensive services and applicable health and travel insurance for Participants. For information on specific fee amounts and what they cover, please contact ICEO.

The detailed information regarding costs associated with ICEO Program participation is included in the Program Participant Handbook. The costs include housing, transportation, food, entertainment, and cultural activities.